Modi’s New formula of secularism: One India excellent India

After the speech of Narendra modi on Sunday, there is a big issue and discussion on new secularism is being seen in peoples, all country peoples specially youth are discussing about new secularism of India.

Which is given by modi, on this Sunday modi presented  new view of nation in a video conferencing with Americans and Canadians. In narendra modi speech modi said “For me secularism means India first, one India, excellent India.”

Narendra Modi

Narendra Modi

He elaborate secularism and said India First means What we do, First do for nation, do for respect of your nation. If we do not do this, for else there will be negative effect for India and Indians.

The new definition of secularism which is given by modi will totally be effected Indians. Because everybody is just fad up with the idle politicians, we all want to have new India, developed India.

And This dream of new India is only be successful with Narendra modi. For more information you can visit our website 


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  1. This is what we are looking forward

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  3. MODI is the only solution for INDIA.

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