The 2013 budget of India lacks strategy for Development of India: Narendra Modi

The Chief Minister of Gujarat state Mr. Narendra Modi is very disappoint for this year budget, said in his speech on Tuesday, in narendra modi speech he said this kind of budget can be Obstruction in the growth of country.

They pointed on many sectors which was not presented by UPA government in this year budget, this kind of budget can be effected on Indian’s economy seriously.

The common Indian persons are not happy with this budget, and this will be a huge serious problem in growth of India, because if we don’t take a action with all Indians, we cannot make a system of growth of our country.

Mr. Modi pointed on sectors which are not presented 2013 budget are:

Employment for youths and IT companies in India.

The Petrol and Rasoi gas rate.

The rods map for small villages and their structure.

The youth of India, and common peoples are said that “This is the worst budget ever”.

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2 responses

  1. Reblogged this on and commented:
    Next Budget will be Narendra Bhai’s planning …we are all waiting to see him as PM

  2. Ofcourse whole INDIA is waiting for MODI’S budget . . .

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